¥ 19,499


Capresso on the Goパーソナルコーヒーメーカー – Frontgate


ポイント: 210pt  (2%)  詳細はこちら - by 野島昭生

¥ 9,559 - by 三石琴乃

登録情報ASIN:B01D6MXBI6発送重量:2.27 での取り扱い開始日:2016/12/19 - by 菅谷政子

詳細商品の情報色Stainless SteelメーカーFrontgate梱包サイズ30.5 x 18.3 x 15.2 cm - by 平野文

説明Heats up quickly to the perfect temperature of 200 degrees for properly extracted coffee .Large shower head for perfect saturation and extraction .Brews in less than four minutes .Removable permanent ... - by 山口隆行

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